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Curious about our scenic flights and airplane tours? Take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to learn everything you need to know before soaring to new heights with us!
Are flights available on weekends?
Certainly! Our services are available on weekends without any exception. However, please note that weekends are typically the busiest period for us, and we highly recommend booking in advance to secure your preferred schedule.
In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, what is our course of action if the flight is unable to proceed as scheduled?
In case of unfavorable weather conditions that make it impossible to fly, we prioritize the safety of our passengers and crew above all else. In such situations, we may need to reschedule the flight for a later time or date, or issue a refund if rescheduling is not possible. We closely monitor weather patterns and will keep you informed of any changes or updates as soon as possible.
Is it possible to make a reservation on short notice with your service?
Certainly. Our service allows for booking flights with short notice, including same-day reservations, as well as reservations made far in advance. For your convenience, we offer online reservations for our tours 24/7.
Is it possible to bring children on the flight?
Sure! We welcome passengers of all ages, including children. Infants up to two years old can participate in the flight and will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult and sit on their lap during the flight. Children over the age of two will need their own seat in the aircraft.
What is the recommended arrival time at the airport for my flight?
Our check-in process is designed to be quick and convenient, taking no more than 5 minutes. However, we recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled reservation time to ensure a stress-free experience.
What clothing is suitable for a scenic flight?
To ensure a comfortable experience during the scenic flight, we advise passengers to dress appropriately for the temperatures on the ground. Avoid tight-fitting or restrictive clothing that could make you feel uncomfortable or restrict your movement.
What are some of the recommended items to bring on a flight with you?
We recommend that passengers bring their cameras/phones with extra batteries and sunglasses. Most guests do not find binoculars helpful during the flight but feel free to bring binoculars if you’d like. Due to FAA regulations, passengers are not permitted to bring carry-on bags on our flights. Passengers must carry all small personal items, such as cameras and phones.
What is the altitude of your flights?
Our flights typically fly at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 feet above ground level, depending on the specific route and weather conditions. However, our experienced pilots may adjust the altitude as necessary for the safety and enjoyment of the passengers.
Is there a weight limit for passengers on a scenic flight?
If the total weight of all passengers per aircraft (which has a maximum capacity of three passengers) exceeds 600 lbs (~270 kg), we suggest that you get in touch with us via phone or email to make your reservation.
What is the maximum passenger capacity of the airplane?
The aircraft has a maximum capacity of three passengers at one time.
Should I take anti-motion sickness medication?
While our flights are generally smooth and gentle, passengers who are prone to motion sickness may want to consider taking non-drowsy anti-motion sickness medication as a precaution. Please note that our scenic tours are not thrill rides, but rather professional experiences. Most people do not experience motion sickness and will not need medication. We will always do our best to inform passengers of any expected turbulence before flying.
What is your location?

We operate out of Pocono Mountain Regional Airport.

Our address:
Hop On Air
173 Hangar Ln, Tobyhanna, PA 18466
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