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With Hop On Air, air travel just got easier — and way more affordable, enjoyable, and convenient. At Hop On Air, we are redefining what private air travel means to make it possible for everyone to go where they want and when they want.

Hop On Air is FAA-certified Part 135 Air Taxi operator that specializes in air charter and airplane tourism. We offer 4-seater plane rides that are perfect for shorter trips of about 100 to 400 miles at the most affordable rates.

With a private aircraft and an FAA-certified flight instructor at your service, Hop On Air provides charter flights to many locations on the East Coast.

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If you are interested in using Hop On Air charter flights for a personal or business trip, fill out the quote form below. Once you have submitted your request, our customer service representative will contact you with a quote for your requested departure and arrival points.

If the quote is acceptable to you, you can then reserve or confirm travel with us.

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1. Is Hop On Air Charter Plane Safe?

At Hop On Air, the safety of our clients and crew is our utmost priority. We maintain and operate all aircraft in compliance with the FAA regulations. Our pilot has over 10 years of flying experience as an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor rated for single and multi-engine aircraft.

2. Can We Choose Our Own Schedule?

Yes! Choosing your own schedule is the most important benefit of hiring a charter plane from Hop On Air. Our planes are four-seaters, which means you won’t have to suffer the awkwardness of being with strangers during your trip. In many cases, we can customize the departure schedule according to our clients’ needs.

3. Is there a limit to baggage or piece of luggage?

Unlike scheduled commercial planes, there is little limit to the number of baggage you want to carry and the items you want to take. However, there is a payload limit, which includes the total weight of the passengers, carry-on luggage and checked bags. Provided your luggage is under that limit, you are free to bring as many bags as you want.

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